Saturdays = Acting in Music Videos!

I was invited to be in The Murder Plans‘ music video for their amazing song, “Tell a Lie,” this weekend.  The concept is based on the album sleeve image except that instead of the four guys, it’s a group of their friends in quick jump cuts singing the song in the same shot in the same clothes… and glasses.  Which made reading the cue cards a bit difficult, but Michael the singer sang along with me the whole time.  Here are some stills from it.

Waiting for my cue. Some of the clothes were huge! (I'm wearing a skirt underneath!)

That's the Ottawa River behind me. Same image as their album cover.

I think I'm eyeing the tambourine here... I'm wearing my friend Nick's clothes here.


I was supposed to look like this guy: 

REALLY singing. Great lyrics to this song! All about Ottawa!

Photos by Mark Dalpe – more of his stuff here

Thanks so much guys, this was a lot of fun!  Goodluck with the editing!